Hog & Hominy: Where to Eat in Memphis

Chargrilled oysters.

You might find it strange that I’m posting about eating at Hog & Hominy, a restaurant famous for its butchery.  It does, in fact, have Hog in the name.  And I’m a pescetarian.  So I don’t eat Hog.  I did, however, have a delightful meal here, and you’d be remiss not to give it a try if you’re in Memphis.  I am far from the first to be impressed by this restaurant, as evidenced by all the reviews they link on their website.  Southern Living describes the restaurant as being “airy and modern, with country boy swagger.”  Hog and Hominy is the brain child of chefs Andrew Hudman and Michael Ticer.  The chefs have known each other since childhood, and have focused this restaurant on Southern Italian food.  The food is designed to be served family style, with an emphasis on small plates, but they also offer pizzas, and, at lunch, a one way burger.  You can finish your meal off with your choice of three different kinds of pie, and house made gelato.  The menu is creative, innovative, and delicious, whether you go in for the whole hog or not.


And the atmosphere is lovely.  Fresh, light wood, and even though it was full when we arrived the space felt open.  You can see right into the kitchen, and the place smells delicious.  We started out with a plate of scrumptious chargrilled oysters and a plate of crab claws, swimming in this amazing garlicky lime butter.  If I had to choose, that’s the dish I’d go back for.  My husband and I each had a different pizza, and our friend had the shrimp and grits with tasso ham.  I eyed his grits jealously.  If not for the tasso, I’d of downed those.


Wild Mushroom Pizza with Fresh Arugula

The pizzas were ok.  I must say I’ve had better pizza.  And I’ve certainly had worse.  But dipping the pizza crust in what was left of that garlic lime butter? Back away, because I will NOT share.


And dessert.  Dessert was pie.  They had three kinds, we ordered all three, and they were all delightful.  My favorite was the peanut butter banana pie.  I know, you’re thinking, so rich!  But it really wasn’t.  Somehow, they combine mascarpone with the peanut butter, and put that on top of delicious banana pudding, and oh my, I want seconds.


Peanut Butter and Banana Pie

If I had one complaint, it was the service.  Our server seemed disappointed we weren’t taking advantage of their impressive cocktail program.  It wasn’t that I didn’t want to.  But we had been at a conference for several days (insert hangover here) and we had a six plus hour drive back after this lunch.  As much as I wanted to see what they were up to with their cocktails, I couldn’t.  Which somehow resulted in her wanting to rush us out of the restaurant.  She tried to take away our plates before we’d finished three times.  We visibly still had food left on the plate, I had food in my mouth, and she tried to take it away.  Really, she got between me and my garlic lime butter, and she’s luckly she didn’t lose a hand.  Its that good.  But her service wasn’t.  She wasn’t rude – we just had the feeling that lunch was over and we were taking up non-alcohol buying space.  Our check was still over $100, though, at lunch, so I feel like this was a bit over the top.


I’d still go back though.  I’d check it out for dinner, and if I ate meat, I’d check out their sister restaurant Porcellino’s and their butchery as well.  Because creative, innovative, and exciting food makes me happy.  So the next time I’m in Memphis, just remember not to get between me and my garlic lime butter!


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