Nonfiction November and Two Backlist Memoirs

Its Nonfiction November, and while I think of myself as an omnivorous reader, I do mainly read fiction.  All different kinds of fiction, but mainly fiction.  But this November I wanted to take a minute to recommend two out of the box nonfiction reads that I recently devoured.  Neither are new releases, so it might be pretty ho hum for some of you.  But my list is ever growing, and every once in a while I just need something different.  And I did enjoy both of these reads immensely, even though they were quite different.

My Life in France by Julia Child
My Life in France by Julia Child

My Life in France by Julia Child was published posthumously, though she began work on it before she died.  As my husband and I are planning a trip to Paris next week, and as I am basing this trip all around the food, this seemed like the perfect book.  And I must say, that while it did lack a bit of spit and polish in some areas, particularly the later years, I found it highly entertaining.  I think you have to be interested in food and food history, though I’d also say anyone interested in general history of the 20th century would find a lot to appreciate in this novel.  Ms. Child certainly conquered a lot, and the sheer length of time and effort she put in to her seminal cookbooks is almost as impressive as some of the recipes.  In the book she describes a life changing lunch when she lands in France in 1948.  A lunch of sole meuniere.  I had a similar life changing fish dish when I first visited New Orleans – Redfish Meuniere.  So I, like many people, feel a kindred spirit with the Lady of the Ladle.


Three Bees.






Bossypants by Tina Fey

The second book is Tina Fey’s Bossypants.  I know, a comedic book.  Honestly? Tina Fey?  Me? I never really watched her on SNL, except for that amazing Sarah Palin showdown, and until recently I hadn’t seen even a single episode of 30 Rock.  But Netflix being Netflix, and binge watching being binge watching, my husband and I recently embarked on 30 Rock.  Which made me interested in reading Bossypants for the first time.  I read it in a few hours, actually, and it was entertaining.  Nothing earth shaking, but entertaining.  I think it would make a great plane read.  I do think there were elements of the book she could have developed to be pithier, and more of a statement.  But that’s not the book she wanted to write, and the one she did write is pretty damn entertaining.

Three Bees.




Do you read nonfiction?  What’s on your current nonfiction to-be-read list?  Did you add anything to your list for Nonfiction November?


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