Our Endless Numbered Days by Claire Fuller

Our Endless Numbered Days was released by Tin House Books in the US.

I have so many books to read and review right now that I am practically SALIVATING at the thought of my holiday break.  In five business days friends, FIVE AND COUNTING, I will be a lean, mean, reading and baking machine.  But in the meantime, I wanted to let you know about a book I read on our trip that was absolutely haunting.  Our Endless Numbered Days by Claire Fuller is a page turner of a tale.  It manages to be both lyrical and susepenseful, which isn’t an easy thing to accomplish.  But this is EXACTLY what I’m looking for in a book.

The book is set in 1970’s London, when our heroine, Peggy Hillcoat, is 8 years old.  She is taken by her survivalist father, James, to a cabin in the woods, and held there.  He tell her the world has ended, and with the guilelessness of a child, she believes him.  The tale is dark, a modern fairy tale.  It ends in the modern day, when Peggy returns to her mother in London, and the world at large.  Its ending lingers.  It follows you for days after you finish the book.

There are some reviews of the book that say they wish this part of the book was longer, and while I think the present tense bits of the book, which intersperse the narrative and help to drive the suspense, COULD have been elongated, I like the book as it is.  Its brevity in the modern day heightens its fairy tale, epic feel.  I think its pretty masterfully done, and can’t wait to read Ms. Fuller’s new book, which comes out in the UK in 2017, I believe.  And I’ll be getting my UK buddies to send me a copy stat!

Four Bees. 


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