Meyer Lemon Marmalade: An Easy, Fun Food Gift Idea

Gorgeous Meyer Lemon Marmalade in a coupe glass from Food and Wine Magazine. What a fabulous idea for serving it at your next brunch table!

So while scrolling the internet in search of fun food gifts for the holiday season, I came across this recipe by Emily Kaiser from Food and Wine Magazine for Meyer Lemon Marmalade, which sounded perfect to me.  It’s something that isn’t too sweet, yet is made with only the lemons, sugar, and water, so is far and away one of the easier jams or marmalades to prepare.  It can be used during the holidays, or even saved for a special occasion.  Plus, I love jams and marmalades, in their cute little jars!

My husband and I at the start of the ball for annual Hands On Literary Festival and Masquerade Ball.
My husband and I at the start of the ball for annual Hands On Literary Festival and Masquerade Ball.

You’re probably like, why didn’t you tell us about this BEFORE the holidays?  Mostly because I was too busy making it, wrapping gifts, and preparing for a literary festival and masquerade ball that I host over New Year’s in New Orleans.  I actually thought I would skip posting about this altogether, until the other day, when I gifted someone with a spare jar as a birthday gift, and they were ecstatic.  I thought, really, this is a gift that would be good to have on hand all the time, and I think it could be tasty in any season.  I have used it to top a melty brie, spread on pancakes, crepes (put the marmalade inside, and top the crepes with this blueberry chia jam, toasted almond slivers, and Grand Marnier whipped cream for a delicious brunch), and toast.  The next time I make it, I am planning on doing a Satsuma and Meyer Lemon blend.

Meyer lemon strips getting ready to be blanched.
Meyer lemon strips getting ready to be blanched.

It does take a bit of time to prepare.  About 3 hours total, and in the future, I will always be doubling this recipe.  It makes about five standard jelly jars full, but believe me, everyone wants some, so five jars are gone lightning fast.  An since it takes about 3 hours to make (the recipe online indicates two, so I’m either slow, or they are optimistic), a double batch seems prudent in terms of time management.  After my first batch, I rapidly had to make a second because every jar was spoken for, or had topped the aforementioned brie, filled crepes, or in some other fashion made it’s way into our stomachs.  In fact, now that I mention it, I may just triple the batch next time, because that may be the best way to ensure I have some on hand for those need-a-gift and -can’t-bear-to-shop times.  More is ALWAYS better, right?




You can find this recipe for Meyer Lemon Marmalade by Emily Kaiser online here at Food and Wine Magazine.  Here are a few notes/tips I ahve for making it:

  • Make the strips even thinner than you think – they should be thin strips of candied lemon peel by the end.
  • It will seem like it is never going to set, then suddenly, it does.  It actually took more like 35 minutes or so for mine to set, but you’ll know the right consistency when you see it.  Is that helpful at all, lol?
  • At the “spoon it into jars phase” the mixture will be hot and sticky.  Have several towels on hand, and if you burn yourself like I did, remember, burns and cuts are supposed to be badges of honor in the kitchen 😉
  • Next time I make it, like I said, I am going to use a dozen and a half meyer lemons, and a dozen and a half satsumas. Risky? I’ll let you know how it turns out.
  • Always make sure you have a jar just for you to enjoy.  Don’t give it away until you’ve tried it yourself! Because why should your friends and family have all that delicious to themselves?


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