Jalapeño Infused Grapefruit Water, And a Big Announcement!

New edition: launching August 2016!
New edition: launching August 2016!

My husband and I posted a big announcement on Facebook yesterday.  We are expecting!  As we are both writers, and book lovers, we wanted to do something literary and fun.  But I definitely didn’t want to do something cheesy, or over the top.  In the end my husband created this fun photo, which I think did the trick.  What do you all think?

We decided to do the announcement now because we are at the end of the first trimester, and things seem to be going really well this time.  We had a previous loss, so we were pretty nervous.  But now we have had the first trimester genetic tests come back, indicating that we are low risk, and we also found out the gender! Who knew you could find out so early?  I won’t be revealing THAT news today, but I will soon, so stay tuned :).

In any case, at this point I am also starting to feel much better.  I have been pretty sick – I’ve basically felt car sick 24/7 for the last three months.  The one cure has seemed to be eating carbs (sigh) and eating often.  I’ve eaten more fruit in the past three months than I ever have at one time, I think, and I love fruit!

My husband deserved all the props, though, because he has been so patient, and has done a lot of the cooking these past few weeks.  Since I’ve started feeling better I’m getting back on my game a bit, and even eyeing his glasses of beer and wine with a touch of envy.  So we started exploring mocktail recipes.  What’s a mocktail? Well, its a cocktail without the good stuff, the booze.  Why would you do such a thing? I know, I know.

I think there are more reasons than just pregnancy though.  At an all day event that involves a lot of drinking? At a worse event and want to avoid being the talk of the office on Monday?  Have to drive but don’t want to feel left out?  Am I just trying to comfort myself that anyone would ever willingly give up their gin and tonic for something nonalcoholic?  Humor me friends, humor me.  I have six more months to go!

I think sometimes cocktails are not just about the booze though.  Its about the adult interaction.  Its about winding down at the end of the day.  Its about relaxing and just doing something you like.  So I do think there might be room in my repertoire for mixing a few drinks that pack zero hangover risk.  So we’ve been exploring options, and looking for drinks we might make without stocking up on a lot of things that don’t typically live in our house.

Jalapeno Infused Grapefruit Water, aka, a Mocktail for Valentine's Day
Jalapeno Infused Grapefruit Water, aka, a Mocktail for Valentine’s Day

Last Sunday, for Valentine’s Day, my husband made me a delightful drink.  It was super easy, and quick, and while I can imagine it would be amazing splashed with actual tequila, during it in a fancy glass and sipping it made me feel a little less left out.  I’m going to explore more mocktail ideas.  Do you have any suggestions?


Jalapeno Infused Grapefruit Water
Adapted from Infuse: Oil Spirit Water by Eric Prum and John Williams

1 Jalapeño, or 4-6 Tennessee Cherry Chilies, or 1 Habanero Pepper, Sliced – We leave the seeds, because they give more flavor, but this is optional.  If using cherry chilies, halve, or muddle them slightly before adding to the juice.
6 oz Grapefruit Juice
2 oz water

Add grapefruit juice and water to a mason jar or shaker.  Add 3-4 slices of jalapeño.  Shake.  I like to chill for 30 minutes before drinking, but it can be consumed right away.  It will also last for a good three days in the refrigerator, but the chili flavor will get stronger, so do be prepared for that.  The heat is what we like, though, in our house, so thats why we decided to experiment with different chilies.  And so far the baby doesn’t seem to mind! What adaptations can you think of?


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